When I started out my journey in life, Journalism but soon realized that I didn't exactly  envision myself as a designer of beautify jewelry. Because I loved to write, I got a degree in Journalism but soon relized that I enjoed teaching more. I taught English and German in high school until marriage and raising two fabulous kids kept me at home. During that time I developed a wonderful business in my home selling jewelry and accessories to ladies who came by appointment. I had a ball buying jewelry and then helping my customers select the perfect piece for the outfits they brought with them. We also spent a lot of time at our place in the mountains of Colorado. One of the fanciest jewelry galleries was the J. Cotter Gallery in Beaver Creek and Vail. I spent a lot of time in there and bought quite a few of Cotter’s big rings. Thus I got to know the store manager really well. Meanwhile my daughter was at college and took a class at a jewelry store to make a necklace. She asked me to buy her some interesting beads. I was happy to oblige and attended my very first Gem and Jewelry Show, much to the joy of the vendors because I became instantly hooked when I saw all those beautiful beads and imagined all the beautiful jewelry I would be able to make for myself. I decided to show off some of my new creations to the manager of the Cotter Gallery, more like saying “Look what I am up to now!” She loved my pieces and suggested she try to sell them for me. I must say … the rest is history.  I have sold over 700 pieces of my jewelry at the Cotter Gallery in Beaver Creek and in Vail for the past ten years, and for four years a very popular gift and flower shop in Denver, Happy Canyon Flowers, carried my less expensive line and sold over 1,300 pieces of my jewelry. I now have decided to try something new - namely introducing my beautiful, elegant and sophisticated jewelry to the world via Avalon Clothing Company in Beaver Creek and Vail, and online at Etsy.

        Should you be inclined to check out my inventory you will notice several things:

1) I adore pearls and I love not only wearing them but making them into necklaces of many styles. I especially enjoy using baroque pearls of all sizes and colors. I believe that pearls look good with almost any outfit, be it formal or casual.

2) I like to create statement pieces and large stone necklaces more than petite designs. I am well known for multi-strand necklaces using beautiful semi-precious stones by themselves or mixed with a variety of pearls.

3) I like a necklace to have a pretty clasp, and over the years many customers have said how much they appreciate a necklace that is finished with an interesting clasp. I often do use simple hook and eye clasp to keep down the cost of an item, but I never use a lobster clasp!

4) 99% of all my jewelry items are one-of-a-kind pieces. Many designs are similar in style, but no two are exactly the same. However, should more than one person like a particular item I would be happy to duplicate it as closely as possible.

Finally I want you to know that I am offering my jewelry at very affordable prices because I want them to be accessible.

You are welcome to contact me should you need an item shortened or lengthened, or should you be interested in having me design and make for you a very specific piece of jewelry. I have a huge inventory of any kind of bead, and I can work in 20K gold, gold-filled or vermeil beads as well as in sterling, silver-plate or even silver-colored or gold- colored pewter.


Ursula K Design